Your audio streaming solution

Created by and for live events specialist, DVOX is a new technology that enables you to stream real-time audio directly to your audience's smartphone. No app needed.

Our all-in-one live audio streaming system consists of an end-user web interface, a management web portal and an audio acquisition device. Our solution is easy to use, integrates seamlessly into your existing AV infrastructure and is compatible with all devices.

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Designed with simplicity in mind.

DVOX was designed with the end user in mind from the very beginning. Recognizing that smartphones and headphones have become increasingly essential to everyday life for many people, the DVOX audio streaming solution fully embraces the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.
Our solution is secure, simple to use, and provides instant access to private audio feeds on any web browser-enabled device.

Live audio streaming made easy.

DVOX simplifies audio streaming integration for audio professionals and event organisers.Our audio acquisition devices integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.
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Enhance your audience experience through audio.
Because seeing is only half the story.

DVOX provides a groundbreaking end-to-end solution that transforms your existing AV installation into a next-generation, intelligent interactive audio experience. Enhance your entertainment, communication and promotional efforts by taking advantage of the features included in the DVOX System. Our solution has several key applications, including:

Audio for AR/VR experiences

Live multilingual audio feeds

Live sports broadcast

Assistive listening

Digital signage audio

Promotional audio content

Live podcast integration

Sponsorship integration

Internal communication

Since we launched DVOX in 2017, our
solution has attracted repeat customers
and achieved thousands of active